Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Songs: of Verona - Centipede

So here's the story: of Verona followed me on Twitter this week. I'm still not sure what draws some of these bands to find me, let alone follow me. Anyway, out of curiosity I followed back and checked out their descriptions which they have listed as "Futuristic Art Rock / Electro Indie". Now, maybe some of you don't know me very well, but that hits all the right notes. So I bought the album! And it's good.
All this stuff is from The White Apple. The lead singer's voice is very very familiar sounding to me, but I simply cannot place who she sounds like. My guesses so far have been that she sounds like Within Temptation's singer or Sleepthief's singer, and both of those aren't quite it.
A lot of their songs are on Youtube, but my favorite one Centipede has only live videos, so Soundcloud it is!

Dark in my Imagination
Take Me
Unique in its Madness
We Are Not Alone Here
They Will Fall Like Roses

Really hope you like these folks, I've been loving them.
End Recording,

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