Friday, June 1, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 1

Hey, I kinda wish I didn't have to knock the Next annotations off the top so fast, but I get the feeling that's gonna become a standard feeling this month. Oh well, I'm excited to bring you Midsummer Songaday, aka ANNUAL SONGTACULAR SONGATHON (thanks Hanz :p) though I guess it's certainly happening more than annually - this is the third within a year! But whatever, both of them sounds better than "June Songaday."

Oh wait, I probably gained some readers since last time, or maybe you just have no idea what Songaday is! Songaday is a month-long game started by Frausky on Kakariko Graveyard that I have done three times, once in September and again in February (posts with the February Songaday tag). The rules are that every day for the whole month I post a single song. The song doesn't need to be a favorite, but I have to like it. I also cannot reuse artists. In February, I acted with the restriction that I couldn't use anything from September either, but this time round I'm losing that - I can reuse artists from previous months, though I can't repeat within the month and I'll always prioritize new stuff. Gotta keep it interesting!
So, without further ado...

Day One: Xenosaga Episode II - In The Beginning, There Was...
I've actually never played the Xenosaga series (or Xenogears) but I've always enjoyed the music. This is one of the more haunting opening tunes in recent memory. Without knowing the context of the game surrounding it (or the cutscene it played over) it evokes the image of a cold, hardy plain of short, tough green grass, with rocky outcroppings jutting up into the landscape and distant mountains over the horizon. The camera probably has a grey filter over things. Basically, it makes me think of a slightly more tundra version of the landscape shown as District 12 in The Hunger Games movie. I really like the feel.
Yuki Kajiura really outdid herself on the Xenosaga Episode II and III soundtracks. Both of them are definitely worth a listen. If you want another specific song to check out, Communication Breakdown from II is excellent,.
For some sort-of-unrelated goodness, check out the Xenogears soundtrack as well - it's an entirely different feel, but Yasunori Mitsuda's work there is also fantastic. Just thought I'd mention it while I had Xeno- on the mind.

So that's today! If I can, I'll try to get these out for the morning crowd. I'm working on giving myself a Midsummer Songaday logo as well, and all this is on top of writing D&D Next annotations, my Fiasco AP, a Wrath of the Lamb review, and any movie reviews in the next couple days. So that's why Art of the Pantheon seems to have disappeared. Later!

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