Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 27

Getting back on board with early posts for the last couple days.
This was a tough choice between this one and this one. Both are great songs, and it's still up in the air which one I put on my disc version (the disc versions of my Songadays sometimes differ slightly from what I actually used).
Everything I know about NieR I know from chatting with Wesker. I have the soundtracks now but will probably never play the game, it just doesn't really interest me. Might watch an LP of it sometime though.

Anyways, thought I'd really quick talk about what's upcoming.
I've essentially given up trying to write full reviews of Snow White and MiB3, I'll probably just jot down some notes and put them up as one post. Light Speed Reviews or some such.
Wrath of the Lamb I actually have intentionally put off a little longer - with the rate that its been getting patched and changed and amended and altered I'm gonna let it stabilize first.
D&D Next stuff is still going good, I'm just giving a little more breathing room before I put up the Bestiary notes.
I've been having a problem writing up the Fiasco APs as well. I'll likely do them like I'm doing those two movies, doing a quicker overview and putting them together.
AotP will be back on soon, when Songaday ends, which is real close!

That's everything I'm late on. So what's new and upcoming?
Go Play NW: I'm going to this story gaming con this Saturday and Sunday! I'm super excited! I'm signed up to play Dungeon World and take part in the Lottery on Saturday and so far am leaving my Sunday open.
Mass Effect: I want to talk about stuff I found out during my completionist Perfect Ending Paragon run. Also, I should talk about the Extended Cut ending DLC that just came out! (ps I really really really like it a lot and it fixes everything I was worried about)
Halo: What? Halo? Yeah, over the past several days I've played through Halo 1 Anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, and Halo Reach. I'd like to talk about the series. This would take the form of a commentary post similar to the one for Mass Effect that I did a while ago. Mostly I want to talk up ODST.
Prometheus: I plan to see this tomorrow (the 27th) but I'd also planned to see it yesterday and the day before and those didn't happen, so we'll see. I do plan to see it though!
Stars Without Number: Still filling out well, will likely give AotP some space to refill in before I start talking about it in detail, but it's coming.

That should be all for now!
End Recording,

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