Saturday, June 16, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 16

Aaaand my connection issues just get worse. We seriously need to figure out why our network has been so shitty lately.
So what's the final day of the Indie Trilogy? Why, it's one of the most classic indie games to still enjoy wide spread success. It was made entirely, that's music, art, plot, programming, everything, by one incredible fellow. The game has, in recent years, been ported several times by a company named Nicalis, but the guy;s name is Daisuke Amaya. However, I'm sure you'd know him better as Pixel. That's right, I'm talking about Cave Story!
The music for this incredible game has been redone several times over the course of the ports, but the original is still the best. It captures all the nostalgia of a fun old 8-bit platformer with the riveting gameplay that makes some modern games look like nothing. It really is the most lasting indie game - until Super Meat Boy showed up, it was basically the undisputed king of the indie industry (even with my personal recent favorite Edmund McMillen out making great games like Gish).
So here you go, Cave Story. Thanks for making everything better.

If you like remixes, check out the Cave Story Remix Project, or the Cave Story Remix Project II! Nutritious has an extraordinary remix of the final battle on OCRemix, titled The Unbroken.

Hey, so what indie game musics didn't make it into the Trilogy? Well, the easy answers are Bastion, Castle Crashers, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP - I've already used them before! As for runners-up, the choice gets a bit harder. Fez has a great soundtrack by Disasterpiece, and C418's Minecraft soundtrack is supposed to be perfectly suited to the game (though I don't play Minecraft so I don't know). But sometimes indie games can manage to put together great gameplay, great story, and even fitting music yet still produce a soundtrack that no one would listen to out-of-game. Things that fall into this are stuff like LIMBO, or Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
So who DOES do it right too? Who would be Indie Trilogy day 4? Bit.Trip. I love the music of the Bit.Trip series - all 6 games (though I'm not huge on Fate). They all have their own flair, and they all are simply amazing. Thing is, don't download or the soundtracks. Convert video playthroughs into music - the beauty is in the way the beats you hit enhance and modify the music. Check out Ambisagris's LPs of the Bit.Trip series. He's good enough at the games for them to sound natural, and it's a subtitled LP so you can convert and not be any worse off for it. Bit.Trip Flux's Epiphany is gorgeous, as is Bit.Trip Void's Id. Unfortunately, the series makes it hard to find specific videos to put up for Songaday. Really, my best advice is to go play the games.

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Anyway, 'night.
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