Sunday, June 24, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 24

Goodness I'm late today. Sorry.

I have yet to play Sonic Generations (ugh I suck at Sonic games) but from everything I've seen it looks really great. I immensely enjoyed Pokecapn and crew's LP of the game, and if I was any better at Sonic I think I'd have a great time with it. Congratulations Sonic on getting your mojo back!
Oh yeah, the music! This is Rooftop Run Act 1, which means it's Classic Sonic. Rooftop Run was a level from Sonic Unleashed, a less-good but still good Sonic game. This is a remix of the song, which was originally a bit faster than this and much more guitar heavy. Here's a link! That one very nearly got today's feature in order to save room for a different Sonic Generations song later, but only 7 days left! Other songs I wanted to use from Generations included the City Escape Act 1 remix (oh man it's so good), Speed Highway Act 1, and Crisis City Act 1. If you're noticing a trend, I tend to like Classic Sonic's remixes better. Wish they'd done an Ice Cap Zone remix. By the way, if you want to go get the soundtrack, I recommend against the official one, there was a soundtrack floating around a bit ago that had all the unlockable songs on it and such that was much more satisfying.
Oh, and Sonic Unleashed's soundtrack is also noticeably decent, though less nostalgicly amazing than Generations's.

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