Thursday, June 14, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 14 Double-Up!

Hey, welcome to the Indie Trilogy! Today, tomorrow, and Saturday I'm going to be featuring the music from three indie game composers that I just love. Who are they? Well, I guess you'll have to come back and see...
But today, I'm forced to bend my own rules. As it were, two of my favorite indie games share a composer (and a designer!), and I refuse to only showcase one. So today you get TWO songs! Who could I possibly be talking about? Why, it's Danny Baranowsky! He's a remixer originally (with mutliple songs on OCRemix), but more recently has been doing soundtracks, including ones for a pair of very successful Edmund McMillen games...

It's questionable whether Forest Funk is truly the best song in the game, but it sure as hell is the most iconic. This is one of the first songs you hear, and really sets a tone. Other champion songs include The Battle of Lil Slugger and Can o' Salt.
But seriously, this game's music is out of this world.
FamilyJules7x did a Super Meat Boy medley last week, a Hot Damned Hell remix a while back, and an extraordinary remix of The Hospital - so extraordinary that it got on the soundtrack.
And what could the other game be...

I can't say enough good things about this game (or its expansion, but I'll finish that review soon). This is the title screen music. This games music runs the gamut from creepy and light like this song to full on intense action music for boss fights (check out Thine Wrath, it nearly beat out this song for the feature!). It really is just a great song and game.
Just go buy the soundtrack, seriously. Hell, if you check his Bandcamp page, on the Binding of Isaac Soundtrack page you can get tracks 29-37 for free if you want more samples.

So that's Danny Baranowsky's double feature. Come back tomorrow for the next Indie Game gem! (and no, the three days will not include Bastion or Superbrothers since I've done them before. They would definitely be here though if I hadn't).

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