Monday, June 4, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 4

Wait, I thought I used Coldplay last month! Looked back at the lists though and I don't think I did, so no guilt about posting this.
Every couple years these guys come out and put out a single song that's just pure awesome (which is then spammed over the radios and loses much of its charm). I could have gone with much more obvious pieces like Clocks or Viva La Vida (which I do love) but I figured I'd put something a bit different. This is last year's hit by them. I still like it, the guitar work is nice, and the vocals sound good, even if I don't care about what the lyrics are actually saying (though those aren't that bad either). I need to be in the right mood for Chris Martin's voice though.
Had a hard time deciding on a song tonight. Got a lot of potential video game tunes, but I'm trying to include a good amount of real music too. Have a great day folks.

Typing of other stuff is still happening, I keep getting distracted from writing the APs.

End Recording,

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