Friday, June 15, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 15

Well, if you don't know him Souleye is a cool guy who makes sweet 8-bit-style music and who recently did the excellent music for this excellent indie game, VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh. It's a hell of a lot of fun, and it's really hard until you get the hang of it. Learning how to play that game fast and well is one my more prideful indie game moments - at the moment I'm down to being able to do it with about 55 deaths in 25 minutes (did a 24:28 run earlier, a record for me!). Seeing as my first 20-trinket run was 1400 deaths over 4 and a half hours, I'm pretty happy.
Anyway, so check out the game and play it! It's cheap, the music is amazing, and you'll either have a ton of fun or rage at it for a few hours while having tons of fun.

Oh, hey! TWO shout-outs for things to go check out!
The first is the Let's Plays of RidgeTroopa! This is a cool dude I know from DeviantArt, he's an amazing pixel artist. More relevantly, he used to do LPs a few years back but took a break to just occasionally do some marathon streams. I saw some of those, and they were damn entertaining, so hey, check him out at his Youtube and Twitter feeds!!/CheepCheaps

Okay, the other one is TheSpeedGamers. These are a bunch of guys who are now a little bit internet-famous who livestream them playing through a whole franchise of games in like 3 days with 24/7 live commentary. The whole time, they're collecting donations that go entirely to charity. In December, just by playing video games live on the internet, they raised $20,000 in four days for a selection of charities.
As per their usual schedule, Summer comes with not a 3-day marathon but a WEEK-LONG one. This year, pokemon. Every single Pokemon game, every spinoff, catching every pokemon, one-at-a-time live on the internet, collecting donations for ACT Today! Want to support a great cause? Want to hear hilarious people talk and do ridiculous things for donations (dairy challenge? shots of the most powerful hot sauce out there? hell yes)? Want to see guys play through games at mach speed? The  come join us starting tomorrow at 4pm PST!
If there's one thing that can curb my Mass Effect addiction, even temporarily, it's these guys. Hope to see you in the chat there!

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