Sunday, June 3, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 3

I actually subbed this into my disc copy of a previous songaday (since Nyan Cat is entertaining, but not disc material). Not all of the Diablo Swing Orchestra songs are great, but this one is pretty great.
If you're curious, they're a, um, "Swedish avant-garde metal band," according to Wikipedia. Formed in 2003, they've got 3 albums out - this is from the first one, released in '06, titled The Butcher's Ballroom. I recommend youtube sampling through it all, it's worth going all the way through, and it's got some nice variety so even if you're not huge on this song other ones may appeal to you.
Quick day today!

If you're wondering on other progress, still writing the DM Guideline annotations, the Fiasco at Salem AP, and now ANOTHER Fiasco AP as of today! We played the Boomtown playset and it was really fun! Wrath of the Lamb is fun and a review will come soon. Cheers folks.

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