Monday, June 25, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 25

Home stretch!
Hello, this is Rodrigo y Gabriela, a pair of brilliant Mexican guitarists. Their work amazed me on disc, and it blew my mind when I saw them live a couple months ago. It was really great, it was the first stop on a new tour and they had energy to spare and put it all into the music.
This is Hanuman off of 11:11, their 2009 album, and also my favorite album. More recently they released Area 52, which teams them up with the band C.U.B.A., and they were with CUBA when I saw them in concert. It's definitely different from their normal fare, but it was quite enjoyable, but I must note that I far preferred the live version to the album - the album moves a bit slow for me.
Anyway, have a good day, and sorry for being a bit late.

End Recording,

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