Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Midsummer Songaday: Day 6

I was going to try to avoid a video game song today but I've been really enjoying this song all day so here it is. This is Lies Within Dreams, a remix of the song Deep It Lies from the video game NiGHTS: Into Dreams. This is part of the OCRemix Project Lucid Dreaming, which was entirely composed of mixes of songs from NiGHTS, and it's a great album. Sinks a bit into the pop side of things sometimes, but I consistently enjoy it.
...Seriously, that oboe section. God DAMN that sounds good. I like how the song takes the melody on guitar, passes it to the piano/synth which passes it to the oboe and back to the guitar at the end. Overall, just a great song. Check out the rest of the album.

Saw Men in Black III tonight, it was actually good! Review soon, along with all this other stuff piling up on me.

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