Monday, December 10, 2012

"Christmas" (also Technicolor Dreams speed recap)
Found the song through The Walking Eye's Apocalypse World session 2 podcast, which is among my absolute favorite episodes of actual play I've ever heard. Love it., a title of just Christmas in quotes makes it look like I'm gonna go off against Christmas, like for the date not lining up with the more accurate birth of Christ or something like that. I assure, I have no intention of that. I'm not even Christian :/ (though my mom is loosely, so we celebrate Christmas. We also have a menorah through Hanukah, and I lead an entirely nonreligious life, but hey, it's Presents Day)
No, this is about MY little early Christmas! If you missed the message on Sunday, I'll just requote it.
It's Christmas!

...wait, what? Actually, for me, it is. If I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm leaving for Morocco on the 15th and will be gone through the end of the year, making it kinda hard to celebrate Christmas. As such, we're celebrating early.
This is the first post I've actually written since Friday by the way, everything else has been scheduled ahead of time. So now I've had Christmas, and I've been to Technicolor Dreams in Portland!

Heck, let's start with Technicolor Dreams. It was freakin' rad. I played in all three sessions, two of which were Joe Mcdaldno running his own designs, which was a great learning experience. I hung out with people I already knew a bit (from Go Play NW and the Gamerati Game Day) and met new folks! What did I play?

Session 1: Serpent's Tooth, facilitated by Ross, the designer (would have to be, game's not out yet). Played with Justin, Adre, and Aviva. It was great - Ross was the King, and we decided to go with The Starlord, which meant I had a lot of sci-fi fun. I was an Admiral. I didn't seize any of the regalia (I'll detail that someday soon), but loved the part I played. I would actually say this was the least exciting game I played that day, due to my own morning lethargy and not throwing my guy into the thick of it enough - and I still loved it. Any lacking was my own fault, and I'm definitely intrigued to try again sometime.
Session 2: The Quiet Year. Played with Alex, Nick, and  Zack, with Joe facilitating but not directly participating. No one else had played before - I suppose technically I hadn't either, but I DID have my own solo run. Anyway, we were a desert community ringed by mountains living in an abandoned air force base. I really want to write this up in as much detail as I can, because it was very exciting. We, uh, may have had a prophetess preaching migration beyond the northern mountains *cough Nina cough*. I swear I didn't write that part! I just, kinda, uh, brought her up whenever I could. And backed her faction up at the expense of others. Sorry guys.
As a side note, this was the first time I used an actual Hold A Discussion (although I don't think I actually asked ANY Discussion questions - always a Project to be done or a Discovery to be made!), and the first time I witnessed Contempt at all. I happened to end up with a bunch of it by the end :/
Session 3: Monsterhearts! Had a little trouble drawing others to the group at that hour, but Joe ended up MCing for me, Jess, and Joel (hmm, three J names). A Ghoul (Cage, me), a Witch (Annylee, Jess), and a Mortal (Joshua, Joel) walked into a classroom. By the end of the day we had murder, cannibalism, ritual sacrifice, and hardcore gay sex. Mission accomplished. Also I'm pretty sure we're sociopaths.
Actually, the song up top, The Horror of Our Love by Ludo, is disturbingly descriptive of the game.

While I was there, I got my Monsterhearts signed, and bought a game - Ribbon Drive! Created by, uh, Joe Mcdaldno. That's actually coincidence - I've been wanting a copy for a while because he doesn't sell it anymore while he's doing a prolonged revision, and the store had a physical copy. The mix CD in it is pretty cool actually, a lot of stuff I didn't expect to like when it first came on but grew on me very quickly.
Overall, great con.

Early Christmas! It was fun. Got cool stuff.
Chief among the Cool Things was a PS3! I know, late in the console's cycle, but it finally had enough exclusives to piss me off enough that I couldn't play 'em. It came with Infamous 1 and 2 and Uncharted 1 and 2. Only played Uncharted 1 so far, but I'm loving it, despite some difficulties adjusting to the controls.
What else? A Massive Black hoodie and a couple really cool shirts that I will photograph or something soon. Got the recent ImagineFX, a sweet mug, a new pair of headphones.
I got The Avengers Blue-Ray(+3D)/DVD discs. Love that movie, can't wait to watch with commentary.
Also got the Season 2 box of Haven. If you don't know, it's a Syfy channel show that's actually amazing. It stars Emily Rose (Elena from Uncharted if you know her from there), and I kinda love her acting.
Got an actual copy of The World Ends With You! Finally! I can finally play it as not-a-ROM on my Acekard!
...huh, I should talk about the RPGs I got I guess. I got Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, which I asked for. I don't know if my group'll play it, and I don't know if I'm primed to run it, but I love the game just the same. The other game I got was Polaris. I'm scared by Polaris. I've heard it's prone to falling flat if the group isn't all into it, and I don't think I have that. I really want to have a great time playing it though. If anyone reading this has tips, PLEASE share.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but this is the gist of it.

Anyway, thanks for the quick check-in! Avatar World stuff is taking a long time to write because I generated a ton of content, and I have finals and stuff this week, plus I need to finished writing everything to go up while I'm gone. Hectic week!

End Recording,

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