Saturday, December 8, 2012

Historical Songaday: Day 8 (LeeDM101 - Broken Dreams)

I'm gonna be in Portland today for Technicolor Dreams! Come say hi if you're a storygamer in the region, and I hope to maybe meet someone who's actually read the blog!


It's a mashup! LeeDM101 is a mashup artist and remixer(quite possibly a DJ too), and one of the best at that. His debut EP, Rotten, filthy, dirty was beyond good, and he's since followed with two other EPs, titled Medicine Eyes and Medicine Eyes II. However, he has many more songs than there are on those EPs, all of which you can hear on his blog. His new stuff all is on SoundCloud too. EVERYTHING he does is totally free.
About this song. Broken Dreams is a mashup of Seether's "Broken"(which featured Amy Lee and is also a great song) and Depeche Mode's "Dream On", probably with some extra beats by LeeDM101. I think the sum is definitely greater than it's parts here. However, I picked this song because my true favorites aren't on Youtube and couldn't be embedded!
My utmost favorite lately has been Hybrid Babe Armada, a mashup of Groove Armada, Sugababes, and Hybrid. You can get it from his site or from SoundCloud (I couldn't find a YT vid, and soundcloud isn't embeddable here or it was totally going to be the song today). Also, give a listen to Rotten, Filthy, Dirty(I'll include a Youtube link, but it's not the whole song. DL the EP of the same name off his site to hear the whole thing), it's a remix(not mashup) of Star Wars' Imperial March, and it's the BEST remix I've ever heard of the song.
So, uh, yeah. This guy is fantastic, and his songs span the entire genre spectrum, so give a look through the blog for something. I almost guarantee you'll find something you like.
I still happen to absolutely love LeeDM101. He's had some more recent gold too - Every Day The Sky Bleeds, Blind-Sided, To Have And To Burn, The Last Temptation of a DJ, Anti Jesus, and more. He's great at it.

As I mentioned, my favorite then was Hybrid Babe Armada which I was unfortunately kept from posting directly so I settled for Broken Dreams (also good!). Not so here on my blog, where I have the wonders of HTML at my disposal! If I could go back in time, this would be the primary song, because it is STILL my favorite!

Hopefully that works.

Unfortunately, Lee's work STILL does't get regularly posted to Youtube.

LeeDM101's blog/site
His SoundCloud
Rotten, Filthy, Dirty(the song)
No One Knows This Love(one of the best songs, an UNKLE/Maroon 5/Queens of the Stone Age mashup)
Depeche Mode - Dream On
Seether - Broken(feat. Amy Lee)

Lee is fucking dynamite. I can't stay away from this guy's music! And totally check out some of his newer stuff.

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