Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Historical Songaday: Day 4 (Erik McClure - Renascent)


I found Erik McClure through Bandcamp, and love his album Renascent. He took techno/trance sounds and mixed them with some nice piano-ish melody(though not so much a piano in this song). The whole album is great, and if you use Firefox the add-on Flashgot can allow you to download the whole album right from the page. Otherwise, just use the site's player to listen to the album. His second album, Aurora Theory, is nice, but not as good as Renascent. Renascent the song is simply the most representative is why I picked it for the video. Renascent, Duress, On The Edge, or Absolutia is probably my favorite.
Kind of a side note, his songs are fantastic on Audiosurf. Challenging in all the right ways, energy packed and nice to hear as you go.
 I have pretty  much nothing to add - he's not had much visible movement on the music front. He has a song on the new Harmony of a Hunter album, 101% Run, that's pretty good, but his stuff on the Renascent album is still his best in my opinion.
Him on Bandcamp
The Album on Bandcamp

That's it. Really.
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