Sunday, December 9, 2012

Historical Songaday: Day 9 (The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass)


Well, after putting it up lat night, I realized that this video is creepy as hell, so I apologize for that. Just listen to the music.
Unlike some of the others here so far, I haven't listened to all of TBM's albums, just Walking With Strangers and Pins & Needles. However, soon after hearing a song from Walking With Strangers(through Pandora on a channel for Poets of the Fall, as it were) they shot to the top of my playlist. As is appropriate, it later fell down some, but they've remained one of my latest favorite bands. They get classified as a synthrock band, formerly called Imagica, were originally an American band that is now based out of Canada. There's not a heck of lot that's really interesting about their history, other than that there were a lot of member shifts.
Walking With Strangers is my favorite album still, with Kill The Lights, Looking Glass, and Red Stars being my favorites. From Pins and Needles, I'm a big fan of In The Dark and the song Pins and Needles.
I haven't gotten any more albums of these guys, but I can still say that I love even more of each of the albums, especially on Pins And Needles. Two Hearts got a feature in a post a while back (as usual, check the Music page for easy access), and Control is awesome. Additionally, I've reached the point that everything on Walking With Strangers thrills me now.
And I still apologize for how creepy that video gets, I'm still weirded out by it.

Their site
Kill The Lights
Red Stars
In The Dark
Pins and Needles
Looking Glass (Space Lab Mix by Dean Garcia)

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