Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Historical Songaday: Day 5 (Fluke - Absurd)

Oops, late, late, late.

Fluke is an electronic band, best known for their album "Risotto." This song, Absurd, is their most famous song overall, having been used is many soundtracks. My favorite album is actually Puppy(Blue Sky is a great song for being in a cheery mood). From Risotto, my favorite song is Reeferendum.
Fluke has had a number of spin-offs. Day Three featured one of them(Syntax), but there have been others. The one that comes to mind is 2Bit Pie, a sort of collaboration between Fluke and a number of others that they've worked with in the past. They had one album in 2006, titled 2Pie Island, and it's pretty good. It's all moderately good, not the contrasted great-hits lame-misses that comes in a lot of albums.
Fluke also does some good remixes. I'm not a Bjork fan usually, but Fluke did a mix of her song Big Time Sensuality which is shockingly good.
Nope, not much to add.

Links (I MAY expand on this later...):
Blue Sky
Absurd (Whitewash Edit)
Atom Bomb
2Bit Pie - Fly
Bjork - Big Time Sensuality (Fluke Minimix)

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