Monday, December 10, 2012

Historical Songaday: Day 10 (UNKLE - Restless)


UNKLE, also U.N.K.L.E are a British band who, while it's more technical to file them under trip-hop, they move pretty heavily in the electronica direction. They're album War Stories is awesome, as is Where Did The Night Fall, but in drastically different ways. Heavy bass beats, go to War Stories, a more ethereal sound, go to WdtNF. War Stories has a number of famous songs, such as Chemistry, Restless, Burn My Shadow, Mayday, and Hold My Hand to a lesser extent.
I actually don't have a ton to say about a big-name group like this. The group has had some membership tumult, like most larger bands, including the early departure of famous electronic artist DJ Shadow.
These guys are also good remixers, you can find a number of songs that they've remixed for others, such as Queens of the Stone Age's No On Knows(which was later used by LeeDM101 below).
UNKLE is still great. I advertised War Stories quite a bit, but I neglected to talk about a far more recent album Where Did The Night Fall. It's a lot more, uh, distant, or I guess ethereal or echo-y sounding, much less of the dark pounding grit from War Stories. Really, I would recommend them to entirely different people. If you don't like Restless, check out some of the others from Where The Night Falls, because it's really a very different feel that you just might like.
Their site
Hold My Hand
Burn My Shadow
The Answer
Follow Me Down
No One Knows (UNKLE Remix)
DJ Shadow
Heavy Drug (Surrender Sounds Mix)

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