Monday, December 3, 2012

Historical Songaday: Day 3 (Syntax - Strange Days)


I wish Syntax's story wasn't so sad. After their album Risotto, successful electronica band Fluke had a minor internal disagreement. One of the members wanted to push the tone in a different direction, and when the others didn't agree, he made Syntax his side project. Syntax's one album, Meccanno Mind, was not supremely successful commercially, and the member moved on. The album has now gained some cult popularity, with a couple of its songs in particular("Pride" and "Destiny") gaining relatively frequent use, but Syntax has not been revitalized. It will forever sit in the depressing category of "Bands scuttled by poor initial selling". Strange Days is my favorite from the album, with Pray as a close second. If you watch Bones, a first season episode used Pride, and that really helped the band's name, and the DRIV3R series used Destiny as its theme song.
Again, this is pretty much still spot on.
WITH ONE EXCEPTION - SYNTAX IS BACK. Though they're currently silent and haven't updated again in a while, but soon after this post, they actually spoke again and release a couple songs! Unfortunately I'm not as impressed as I am with the front half of Meccanno Mind, but I'm ready for them to surprise me.
In fact, their new EP will be on sale on December 2nd (I'm writing these posts in advance so that's not yet for me) and I'm super excited to hear it. It's called Tripolar and is linked below.

It might make sense to put Fluke or 2Bit Pie links, but those will come in a couple days when I post about Fluke!
Time to Fly
Their new EP, Tripolar

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