Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Historical Songaday: Day 12 (Oh Possum - Terror Bull (Play Dead))

Sorry bout that little wait! I've been up for about 36 hours now with only a 1-hour break thanks to today's finals (one of which I did JUST good enough to not have my grade plummet into C territory and hold at a B-) and an essay. I am just ready to fucking sleep.

The only good Oh Possum recording on Youtube. Oh Possum is, um, something band out of the Des Moines area. I honestly don't have a word to define what it is they do. They have one album, The Eerie Beat Visual, and it is HARD to track down. I found these guys because a podcast I listen to uses them as intro and outro music. I LOVE their song Under Porches, Beds, & Stairs. That's the song I want to use, but alas, no Youtube video. I have a site where you can listen to the whole album though! Look in the links. Terror Bull(Play Dead) is good too though, so give it a shot!
Pretty much that. I talked about them more and better on October Songaday Day 31, which can easily be accessed through the Music tab up top like usual.

The site to hear them at
That's actually the only link I can think of. He has other stuff on that site too including another album, by the way(if it wasn't clear, the site is the band creator's).

Freakin' obscure bands who are really good and don't have Youtube uploads...
Seeya tomorrow, hopefully with a bit more rest in my body...
End Recording,

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