Thursday, December 6, 2012

Historical Songaday: Day 6 (Poets of the Fall - The Poet and the Muse)


Well, where do I start with these guys? Well, they're a rock band from Finland, and they're awesome. I've found myself loving all of their albums, though some took a while to grow on me. But what is this song? It says it's from Alan Wake? And elsewhere I read it was by the band Old Gods of Asgard! Well, you'd be right. The video game Alan Wake puts a good focus on an in-game band called Old Gods of Asgard, and all of the Old Gods of Asgard music(2 songs directly attributed to them) were done by PotF. PotF used Alan Wake to give preview of their new album Twilight Theater, putting a new song on there that had never been heard before and was later released on the album. This was War, which is the song that introduced me to the Poets of the Fall name(as they credit the band in the middle of the level with it. The song gets played by a late-night radio host and you tune in with a radio you find in one of the areas. These radios are generally used for plot exposition in the game.)
Twilight Theater is my favorite album, with great songs like Dreaming Wide Awake, War, 15 Minute Flame, Smoke and Mirrors, and Rewind. Signs of Life has Lift, Overboard, and Sleep. Carnival of Rust has the namesake song and Locking Up The Sun(which became the opening credit song for the TV show Heroes in Finland), and Revolution Roulette had Passion Colors Everything, and this is just some of it!
Aside from Alan Wake, they've received some good use in media, such Finland's Heroes theme song, and their first released song was actually through the video game Max Payne 2(with Late Goodbye, which ended up on Signs of Life). Also, Lift is on Rock Band it seems, and Carnival of Rust is coming(or already here, I don't have Rock Band)!
Oh, and the video up there happens to be a great feature of how good Alan Wake is.
I've posted SEVERAL times about these guys. I reference them, and they got an October Songaday song in Rochard's Grinder's Blues and a post song in Revolution Roulette. The list of links from October is still good enough for here.

Poets of the Fall
Lift (Dramadance Mix) (I love the original Lift, but this one is even better)
Carnival of Rust
Locking Up The Sun (interesting trivia: in Finland, this was the theme song for the television show Heroes)
Dreaming Wide Awake
15 Minute Flame
The Ultimate Fling
Don't Mess With Me
Rochard - Grinder's Blues

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