Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Historical Songaday: Day 11 (Zero 7 - Destiny)

Zero 7 are a downtempo/trip-hop act from Britain, just like all the other trip-hop artists. Their 2001 debut album, Simple Things, is one of the most popular downtempo albums out there. It's really great for those calm, peaceful times, and is a perfect album to fall asleep to(for a lot of people. Me, I like to fall asleep to trance stuff). Zero 7's songs are used all over the place, but this song and another Simple Things song(In The Waiting Line) are especially known. To be brutally honest, I'm actually not that fond of the rest of their stuff, it bores me, but maybe you'll like it. Destiny and In The Waiting Line are superb though.
I personally haven't heard any good remixes of them(though I'll throw one in the links in case it's just me), and I can't think of any cases of them remixing others' music.
Still true.

Their site
In the Waiting Line
Give It Away
Somersault(Danger Mouse Remix - MF Doom)
In The Waiting Line(SPY Remix)
Destiny(Photex Remix)

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