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Sunday Songs: Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run - Primoris

It's Christmas!

...wait, what? Actually, for me, it is. If I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm leaving for Morocco on the 15th and will be gone through the end of the year, making it kinda hard to celebrate Christmas. As such, we're celebrating early. I'd tell you how Technicolor Dreams was, but I'm actually writing this ahead of time, so you'll have to wait. These posts go up at midnight on a schedule, so I'll tell you wahat I actually get for my "Christmas" later today or tomorrow. Anyway, enjoy the ton of amazing music!

Once upon time there was They were a website dedicated to Metroid fandom. For all sorts of reasons, they grew and grew and grew until they were pretty damn famous for the being THE place to go for Metroid fandom. Suddenly, the 25th anniversary of Metroid appears on the horizon, and the Shinesparkers just knew they had to commemorate it somehow. They did so by gathering together a bunch of remixers, some straight out of the OCRemix Community (a pair of Darkesworde songs! A ZIRCON song!). Over the remaining time before the anniversary, they put together an album of tribute remixes and called it Harmony of a Hunter, and it was fucking incredible. Along with the now somewhat-ancient Relics of the Chozo OCRemix project (the FIRST OCR album project), it has easily become my favorite metroid remix stuff, and, thanks to a love of Metroid, it's become some of my favorite remix work overall.
But no, the Shinesparkers couldn't leave it there! There was MORE music to do! Stuff not included due to the deadline, stuff that just didn't fit in the first one, and more were reworked and mastered and new work was composed and on the 17th of November 2012, the expansion album came out: 101% Run. But while officially, it's an expansion, it's a huge album in its own right, boasting even MORE songs that the original!
Also, Erik McClure actually came out of musical seclusion to do a song for it! When I saw his name on one of the previews I got really excited, and the track is good.

I recommend all the links below, but especially check out Gravity and Only Human from the new album. They're very different feeling, but I have some major love for 'em both.

As for Primoris here, it's the first song on 101% Run, and as I turned it on and starting listening, as soon as the real Metroid Prime Menu theme started kicking in I knew this album was a winner (I'm a sucker for the whole Prime soundtrack, but especially the title and menu themes).

Download Page for both albums
101% Run:
Depths of Phendrana
The Unnamed Frontier
Dreams of Steel
Aquatic Lullaby
Remembering Who I Am
Guardians of Old
Where to from Here?
Torvus Chips
Old Friend, New Foe
Samus' Voyage
Metroid Medley 2
Only Human (woah, this is weird! I love vocal metroid mixes, this one reminds me of The Megas!)
Original Album:
In The Beginning...
Into the Green World
Ashes to Ashes
Kraid's Campfire Ballad
Cave Dweller
Mission Complete: Ending Suite
Echoes in Eternity
Frozen Utopia
Hostile Shadows
Melting Sun
Corrupt Beginnings
Entering a New World
The Adventure Continues
Lone Star
Omega Cannon
In the End
The Crimson Depths
Phazon Corruption

End Recording,

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