Thursday, July 10, 2014

Midsummer '14 Day 10: Ellie Goulding - Ritual

Halcyon Days is the definitive Ellie Goulding album. It contains her radio-hit singles Lights and Burn and Anything Could Happen, her collaboration with Calvin Harris I Need Your Love, multiple versions of Hanging On, her cover of Alt-J's Tessellate (good, but not half as good as the original), and a huge sampling of her other stuff that wasn't quite mainstream-y enough to make it to the radio.
Ellie Goulding is a bit of a treasure. She manages to walk this very fine line where she's got high production value, celebrity marketing ability, and dips into the pop and electronic wells while at the same time bringing the raw force of an indie act. She plays like a half-dozen instruments, and her voice has this breathy special quality.
I thought she was pretty good until I got my hands on Halcyon Days. The stuff they play elsewhere really is just one side of her music. Halcyon, Figure 8, In My City, Goodness Gracious, You My Everything, Under Control, and, of course, Ritual. I love this song.

As a side note, this album was a major part of my listening through the past few weeks of my Monsterhearts season and it emotionally resonated with the bleed I was getting out of that game.

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