Thursday, July 3, 2014

Midsummer '14 Day 3: CombatPlayer - In Utero


CombatPlayer is Kristian Jensen, a Danish musician who works with Dischan Media, an independent company that makes visual novels. Their free work Juniper's Knot is pretty good, and their Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos is really really good. The second and third episodes of that series were recently kickstarted, and I'm a big fan.
Jensen made this song for their first game that ended up cancelled, Cradle Song. A few of the pieces from that game, including this one, found their way onto his own albums. It's of note that Jensen is completely self-taught, with no formal training. I really like his style, which is often melodic and piano-driven with electronic influences. Check out the Juniper's Knot soundtrack too, it's great.

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