Friday, July 18, 2014

Midsummer '14 Day 18: Triple-Q's Gangnamcore


I'm not sorry. This wasn't on my original list but this came out today and it's glorious. I've was drawn into the alien world of bizarre and comedy mashups by Triple-Q's Psybrid Style, and this open collaboration of PSY songs mashed up with everything under the sun doesn't disappoint. Some of the pieces are funny, hilariously so. I think a lot of Psybrid Style was maybe better mashed up with the originals, but there's some real gems in that playlist. And what a playlist - 107 entries from 40 artists. The ones Triple-Q begins and ends with, his own "#SELFIE is a new and original song which doesn't plagiarize at all" and "TENGEN OPPA GANGNAM LAGANN!" are really good independently. There's a couple more Linkin Park mashups in there, multiple Metal Gear Rising ones, and some Kill la Kill ones that'll probably make it into Cut, Paste, Kill. Also lots of anime. You can pick which ones are the comedy and which ones are the quality for yourself.
Thanks for organizing the whole thing Triple-Q.

End Recording,

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