Saturday, July 5, 2014

Midsummer '14 Day 5: Krewella - Alive


Krewella is pretty cool. They've had a couple of radio hits now, driven primarily by their heavy electronics mixed with female vocals, which happens to be a soft spot of mine. They're not house, they're not dubstep, they're not DnB, they're somewhere in between.
Alive is easily their strongest hit, and for good reason. Enjoy the Ride and Live For The Night are both also good. Their album Get Wet is good, but the stuff that got picked for radio play really is the best stuff on it. Worth a listen if you like what you hear though.

Krewella's also done well at being a member of the EDM scene, featuring for others and doing plenty of re/mixes. I'm looking forward to seeing where the trio goes. Nice to see an American group capable of keeping up with the North European and Scandinavian EDM powerhouses.

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