Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Midsummer '14 Day 1: Tiesto - Wasted (and Intro to Songaday)

Welcome to Midsummer Songaday 2014! I finally built up enough music to do this again.

What is Songaday?
Songaday is a month-long event where I write a post each day featuring a single song. The rules are that I can't repeat an artist, and I try my absolute best not to repeat any artist I've used in a previous Songaday event, of which I've done five.

What about normal posts?
Normal posts will continue through the month, and will still have songs attached as well.

What kind of music can we expect?
For a pretty complete spectrum of things I listen to, check out the Music page, accessible through the header. To summarize this month though, I'm a fan of dance/electronic, pop (though I made it a point to not pick anything egregiously mainstream), and soundtrack work, though my tastes are wide-ranging. About a third of the month's music is sourced from video game or television soundtracks, and I intentionally left out any anime stuff, which means that'll likely be easy furnishing on regular posts this month.


So Tiesto was never a big deal to me. Competent, but often boring, very much like a lot of the house scene. In the past year or so though Tiesto has embraced the growing fusion of pop and dance, releasing his album A Town Called Paradise and doing remixes for a bunch of prominent people. For example, he did one of the best remixes of Ellie Goulding's Burn.
A Town Called Paradise takes his extensive production experience and pairs it with a huge swath of guest singers to make a truly fun, upbeat, optimistic album. It's one of the best driving albums I've had in a while, and that dictates a lot of what I listen to. ATCP is a radio-friendly album, with Tiesto treading the path forged initially by Lady Gaga (bringing dance to pop) and Swedish House Mafia (bringing pop to dance) and recently mastered by Avicii, whose Wake Me Up is STILL getting regular radio play over a year after release.

So how about specific songs? Well, this one is Wasted. I love Matthew Koma, so it's a good fit. It's got a great beat, it's fun and strong. It's one of the ones you can hear on the radio right now. Other stuff includes his other radio single Red Lights, A Town Called Paradise, Last Train, Feeling, Can't Forget, and Take Me.

That'll be it for today. Tomorrow'll be something completely different, so check back! I'll be trying to get the posts up sometime in the wee hours of each day from now on, so if you check in when you wake up it ought to be here.

End Recording,

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