Thursday, July 31, 2014

Midsummer '14 Day 31: The The - Lonely Planet


The final day! Nothing has changed since three years ago when I did my first Songaday: The The is still my favorite band. Something about Matt Johnson's voice and spirit and mind is enchanting. Lonely Planet was the last song on Dusk, which is my second-favorite album after NakedSelf, which tragically has almost no good videos online. I really wanted to do December Sunlight. I still love Dusk though, it's much slower overall and very introspective and focused on love and loss.

Thanks for coming along with me this month on another Songaday! Midsummer '14 was a lot of fun. You're all great and I love doing these. Hopefully the blog won't seem to be dead once the daily posts stop, as I'll be around!

G'night folks, hope your July was great.
End Recording,

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