Monday, October 1, 2012

October Songaday: Day 1 (Hyper - Cascade)

Hey there, welcome to October Songaday! If you were around and a frequent (or even just occasional) visitor through July, you probably know what's happening here, since I did Midsummer Songaday then. But I've gained a lot of new folks, so I'm going to give the whole rundown. If you know the deal, skip to the Youtube Embed!

So, what IS Songaday? Songaday was a month-long challenge started by a buddy of mine, Frausky, over at the Kakariko Graveyard forums. The idea is that, for one month, you post a song every day. Here are the rules:
1. A song every day. No missing days, that's lame.
2. You've gotta like the song. Nothing about it being a favorite or anything or ranked in order or something, but no posting songs you don't actually like.
3. Don't resuse artists (or in cases of compilations, albums). Since most people only Songaday once, it only applies internally, but I tend to apply it across all three of my other Songadays (September '11, which isn't available to non-KG members yet - I'll fix that right away, February '12, Midsummer '12), as well as my usual songs on my blog posts. That said, that's a lot of great artists to avoid, so I'll probably repost artists from stuff, but I won't reuse songs ever and I won't reuse artists/albums within October Songaday itself.

Essentially, Songaday is "build a couple of mixtapes over the course of a month". I find it a lot of fun though, and you should totally try it out! Let me know if you want to take it on yourself, I love hearing other people's musics.
I'll also be posting the updates at KG, Facebook, and Twitter.
A couple possible questions:
"But Ego, if it's just a link to a song, wouldn't it be better to just do the whole thing through Twitter?"
You're right, Twitter is a GREAT platform to do this through. However, I like to post more than just the video! I like to talk about the music, and the artist, and often will provide links to similar stuff, remixes, the artists's other good work (since I can't use those for other days within the songaday). It's not only entertaining, it'll hopefully be educational!
Putting it on the blog also makes it easier to search and better to archive. For convenience though, I WILL be tagging my Songaday tweets with my own #tLBPSongaday hashtag!

"What about normal posts?"
Ah, yes. Songaday does NOT cover up my normal posts! I will be doing my regular posts at the same time, Songaday is just a bonus on top. In fact, I decided that I'm not even going to stop putting music at the top of my regular posts, so whenever I post normal, you'll have TWO songs posted up for the day!

I sure hope this is okay to embed this many videos. I figure that since I usually only post one by any given artist, it could fall under fair use, plus I'm not the uploader. Also, if any videos break for any reason (withdrawal or removal for copyright), let me know and I'll link to a different vid of the same song.

"Songs not on Youtube?"
This is a big issue for me. I listen to a lot of non-Youtube stuff as well, and even some large-profile artists don't have any significant content on Youtube. I'd LOVE for The The to have a real presence there, but they don't, and most amateur musicians at places like FurAffinity and SheezyArt don't post to Youtube. Unfortunately, I will NOT be using their works unless I can embed them, but I may talk about them, and they're fair game for regular posts.
That should be it! To the music!

Hey look at this moron go, he's posting someone he already did on DAY FUCKING ONE. Well, shut up. I really wanted a good intro song, and I had several ideas to go with. This one wins.
Hyper is DJ Hyper, a British DJ and Producer who's released a few albums. He's worked pretty closely with a couple members of The Prodigy, especially Leeroy Thornhill and Jim Davies. It's some pretty awesome electronica, and this album(We Control) as a whole is pretty varied. I previously featured Ant Music back on the 8/19 Updates post, and the titular song We Control is good. I think if I were to say they were similar in sound to someone, I'd say it's Cirrus.
Other songs that nearly made this spot were introMentum from the inMomentum soundtrack (my favorite for this spot, but I pretty much arbitrarily chose this instead - by the way, the place I did this before was I used Zoned In as February Songaday Day 4 I believe) and Prelude from Zircon's album Antigravity. Wait, that next one doesn't sound like I've done the album before? Nope, I haven't. So why not here? Because, honestly, Antigravity has better tracks that will be used later this month.
Here's a funny note! See the Related Videos thing to the right of the video on the YT page (or after the video)? I recognize at least half of those. Obviously the Hyper songs, but the complete Fight Club soundtrack by The Dust Brothers (won't be linked cuz this one's almsot definitely a copyright-breaker), Start Shootin' by Little People (a song I've been listening to longer than any of these, from back in, hell, 2007 or '08), Breathe by Telepopmusik (not my favorite, but I know it at least), and FUCK it's several songs from Zircon's Antigravity. I'm not linking them cuz I play to freaking USE them. All three Related songs are awesome by him.
So yeah, it's a great thing, this song. Love that kinda twangy I-don't-know-what-so-I-assume-it's-a-guitar.

Hyper - Ant Music
Hyper - We Control
inMomentum - introMentum
zircon - Prelude
Little People - Start Shootin'

That ought to be it! See you tomorrow folks!
End Recording,

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