Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Songaday: Day 11 (zircon - Nitronic)

Day 11! As an aside for those who may disc these the way I do, 10 songs is approximately good for the disc length, so I'll be doing these with that in mind. Day 31 is a wildcard - I'll usually slide my disc counts around slightly to accomodate, or just play it straight and have the final disc be 11 tracks long.
I mention this because, if you hadn't noticed, we're now moving on to Disc 2! Anyway.

zircon, aka Andrew Aversa, is a great musician. I knew him mostly from his OCRemix work, remixing video games and running several of the larger projects, such as Voices of the Lifestream, which is one of the best albums (it's a Final Fantasy VII remix album and is fantastic). He also co-ran ran a podcast on OCR with a gal remixer called pixietricks, name Jillian Goldin. The two did this for a while until eventually the podcast died, but they didn't stop working together - and now they're married. The Aversas are still producing amazing music together, with Andrew's beats and Jillian's vocals.
More recently, zircon has been acting as project director for the latest, biggest scaled OCRemix project - Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin, which is currently on Kickstarter, though they're now out of the $50 physical leve, which is where I'm backing them at.
What about this song? It's on the album Antigravity, one of zircon's personal albums. According to his text, Antigravity is inspired by artists like Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, and Prodigy. Nitronic specifically actually has guest synth work by Jimmy Hinson, aka Big Giant Circles. I love how bright and fast the whole album is, including this song.

Actually, thinking about it, zircon's stuff sounds like Amesthystium a decent amount from time to time.
I'm trying to do more links of not just other stuff byt the same (which I can already do just fine, though it's usually pretty obvious which albums I own by looking at the list), but also stuff by artists who kinda sound similar. We'll see how that goes.

zirconMusic (his site)
zircon on Bandcamp
zircon on OCRemix
Jillian Aversa
pixietricks/Jillian Aversa on OCRemix
VGDJ podcast
Big Giant Circles site
Big Giant Circles (Bandcamp)
Antigravity (album)
Breathing You In (ft. Jillian)
Standpipe Valve
Depth Charge
Ladder to the Sky
Antigravity (ft. Jillian)
Just Hold On (ft. Jillian) (and official demo song for FL Studio 9!)
Shadows (ft. Jillian)
The Koto Chill
Amethystium (site)
Amethystium - Ethereal
Amethystium - Fable
Amethystium - Dreamdance
Amethystium - Odyssey
Amethystium - Meadowland

Kickstarter for zircon's next album, Identity Sequence (ask me if I'm hella excited - you can probably guess the answer)
Kickstarter for current OCRemix album, FFVI: Balance & Ruin

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