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October Songaday: Day 23 (Halo 4 - 117)

First off, my apologies for this going up so late. I fell asleep at 9 last night before I had a chance to write it up, so I'm trying to catch up now.
I've made up for it with an unbelievably large pile of links.
The soundtrack to Halo 4 came out yesterday. Overall, it's really good. Unfortunately, I'm not so sure how it lives up to Martin O'Donnell's other masterworks, but it's a strong piece of soundtracking for sure, Neil Davidge didn't disappoint. The special edition will be out with the game and will be great, and I'm sure the subsequent gamerips will pull a lot of greatness from it. Having loved the Waypoint Mix released a while back, this lives up to it.
This song? I kinda picked this song at random, but it's a great piece.

I wish they, at SOME point, make use of the traditional Halo motifs to tie the game together. More than anything I'm just saddened by the general lack of the Halo choir. Halo is one of the big pieces to bring choral tracks into video game music, and it's a shame that they're kinda underused. But I understand the intention, breaking from the Halo tradition to signify this as a new trilogy.

All in all, hearing this soundtrack has got me super-pumped to see the game. ACIII and Halo 4 within a week of each other is gonna be so much fun, and then Mass Effect Trilogy along with them. I'm ready for the beginning of November.

I do a lot of Halo music, don't I? I've used one in February, in Midsummer, in a blog post, and now here.

Lack of Halo 4 links are due to the soundtrack only coming out yesterday. I'm thankful I even found the one for the embed.
For the record, H1: Halo Combat Evolved, H2: Halo 2, H3: Halo 3, H4: Halo 4, HR: Halo Reach, HW: Halo Wars, H1A: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. I'm not a great fan of ODST's soundtrack on its own, though I think it was excellent within the game (and I'm a fan of ODST, btw).
Also, while the official soundtracks for just about all the Halo games come in a Suite format of many songs composed together, usually in Level/Chapter sets, I have splintered copies that break the suites into individual songs, so I'll be using those names.
Halo 4
Neil Davidge
Martin O'Donnell
H1 - Opening Suite
H1 - Perilous Journey
H1 - A Walk In The Woods (I've blog-featured this before)
H1 - Under Cover of Night
H1 - Covenant Dance
H1 - Rock Anthem For Saving The World
H1 - Drumrun
H1 - On a Pale Horse

H2 - Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix
H2 - Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away (This was in Feburary Songaday - btw, the new recording is shit, the original is the best!)
H2 - Peril
H2 - Ghosts of Reach (This was ALSO in February Songaday)
H2 - Incubus - Follow (1st Movement of the Odyssey)
H2 - Incubus - 4th Movement of the Odyssey (totally different from part 1, and my favorite of the four)
H2 - Heretic, Hero (Walk in the Woods remix!)
H2 - Earth City
H2 - Remembrance
H2 - Mombasa Suite
H2 - Unyielding
H2 - Delta Halo Suite
H2 - Reclaimer

H3 - Released/Wild Life/Another Walk (Walk in the Woods remix! At 3:50-ish)
H3 - To Kill A Demon/Ancient Dust/Punch Through/Underestimated
H3 - This Is The Hour
H3 - Farthest Outpost/No Time for Sightseeing/Make Them Pay
H3 - Behold a Pale Horse/Reconciled/Overcome/Small Victory
H3 - Three Gates/Ascent/Leonidas Returns
H3 - One Final Effort
London Philharmonic does One Final Effort
H3 - Halo Reborn/Guilt and Punishment
H3 - Greatest Journey/Flood Rising/Halo Finale
H3 - Roll Call/Duty Bound/Price Paid
H3 - Finish the Fight

H1A - Random Slipspace Trajectory
H1A - Installation 04
H1A -  Pale Rider
H1A - Rock In A Hard Place
H1A - Honest Negotiation Suite
H1A - Strung
H1A - Still, Moving
H1A - Lions and Tigers and... (Walk in the Woods remix! Can you tell I love WitW?)
H1A - Choreographite
H1A - First Step
H1A - Arborea Above
H1A - Cloaked in Blackness

HR - Swift, Strong, Brave
HR - Lone Wolf
HR - Distress
HR - Bait and Switch
HR - Unreconciled
HR - Make It Count
HR - City Under Siege
HR - Fall From Grace
HR - Time To Dance
HR - Say The Words (especially entrancing, as it's the only true instance of the Halo theme in Reach)
HR - Shipbreaker
HR  - Noble Six
HR - Spartans Never Die
HR - From The Vault
HR - At Any Cost
HR - Both Ways (Remix)
HR - Walking Away (Walk In The Woods remix!)
HR - Uphill, Both Ways
HR - Halo (Noble Remix)

HW - X-06
HW - Spirit of Fire
HW - Bad Here Day
HW - Fingerprints Are Broken
HW - Money or Meteors
HW - Flollo
HW - One Problem At A Time

There are SEVENTY-THREE songs there. Take a minute and validate my efforts and click one.
And I'll be back in, like, 3 hours with a substantially less-linked Songaday post. I thought my NMH day had a lot...(though it had more per-game, of course)

End Recording,

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