Saturday, October 13, 2012

October Songaday: Day 13 (Fol Chen - The Holograms)

My birthday was great. Actually learned some stuff in class and talked to a few of the professors afterward 'bout stuff, had a great lunch with family, opened some sweet-as-hell presents that I'll feature tomorrow or Sunday, and a hardcore Apocalypse World session. Dan's coming over tomorrow to hang as well. 

I first heard this song through Pandora a couple years ago (on glancing, it must have been near release date actually). Immediately tracked it down and snagged it through Rhapsody.
Umm...honestly I haven't a clue about Fol Chen and I'm tired as fuck so you get the wimpiest freakin' Songaday post. I'll update this up later in the day I guess.

Was totally gonna use In Ruins by them before realizing I should totally save that for one of the AW AP posts. Not gonna linked cuz of that. Google it yourself or just wait a day or two, I'll have it up!

So, Fol Chen is a mystery. Seriously, they are. I can't find ANY info about who they actually are to any real extent. Their bio and basic concept seems to involve the band existing in a new world, seemingly a post-apocalyptic one if the ideas in their bio or the concepts in In Ruins are any indication. As they say on their own Bandcamp, its membership is disguised by masks and aliases, and its lyrics appear as transmissions from a fictional world.
Also, their second album, Part II: The New December is better than the first in my opinion, though they're both good.

Fol Chen
Their Bio
Adeline (You Always Look So Bored)
The New December
The Idiot (really, no Youtube? This is Bandcamp)
Cable TV
Winter, That's All

There, done within the day. Hope I get some returners to come check these out!

End Recording,

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