Monday, October 15, 2012

October Songaday: Day 15 (Big Giant Circles - Fight The Current)

So, I mentioned Jimmy Hinson a few days ago on the zircon post. Also known as Big Giant Circles, he's a musician known primarily, for me, for his remix work and his work with Wall of Sound on Mass Effect 2. However, he also does solo work, and I think a lot of this has culminated in Imposter Nostalgia, released a little over a year ago. It's his debut album, a chiptune-inspired (but not technically chiptune - as he says in the description, it's a lot of retro-infused music disguising itself as chiptunes). It's pretty damn good.
If you want to know about a lot of his video game remix work, check the link to his OCRemix profile. If you want to know more about his Wall of Sound work, I recommend checking October Songaday Days 5 and 11 - I have links to some of the Mass Effect 2 work on Day 5 because the post features Jack Wall, and Day 11 has more info about him himself because he was a guest artist on Nitronic.
Also, Imposter Nostalgia is full of other guest musicians, many of which I've featured before. We have C418 from Minecraft, Souleye from VVVVVV (Midsummer Songaday 15), Disasterpiece from Fez, zircon, and more. If you want a full list and links to their sites, they're on the Imposter Nostalgia page.

You can get a free code to this download if you back at even a low level on the Final Fantasy VI: Balance & Ruin OCRemix Kickstarter. 10 bucks gets it, 25 bucks gets it as well as a couple of other great albums, and early access. Unfortunately all the physical copies at $50 are gone, and there are only a few $100 level ones.

Imposter Nostalgia
BGC's website
BGC on OCRemix
BGC on Bandcamp
Imposter Nostalgia - Super VVVVVVeat Boy
Imposter Nostalgia - Katana Blaster

Final Fantasy VI: Balance & Ruin OCRemix Kickstarter

This one actually beats my usual rule of trying to keep the stuff sounding more like traditional-type music aka the stuff that, even from video games, doesn't necessarily sound like video game music. Mostly I adhere to this because my parents listen to my Songaday discs too, and they're not too big on that stuff. Still, couldn't deny how much I've enjoyed this album today

Watched Indie Game: The Movie last night. It was extraordinary - I don't care if you're a video game fan, and indie person, or what, this documentary is good for everyone. It's streaming on Netflix, or there are a few places to get it otherwise. Check out Edmund McMillen's twitter, he links it pretty often.

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