Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Songaday: Day 9 (Journey - Threshold)

Sorry if you saw Journey and thought I actually liked that band. Journey the band has just never really appealed to me.
Instead, there's this song from this wonderful game! If you only read my Songaday, you might think I don't listen to quiet, slow music as well, but I do! There's a reason I usually stick to the energetic stuff - the main time I listen to my Songadays compiled together is on disc when I'm in the car driving, and the energetic stuff helps keep me focused. That said, here's a great piece from Journey.
It's hard to pick just one piece of Journey. The soundtrack really fits the game in such a perfect way. I've not yet had the pleasure of playing the game myself, but I really want to. It just looks so good.
Why Threshold? Honestly, because it has both a faster bit and a slower atmospheric bit. When I translate this to discs, it might change.

I'll do links in a minute - I want to have the post itself up at midnight, so I'll edit in right away. If you're looking right as I'm posting this, come back in like 10 minutes and you'll see links!

There, post's up. Now to finish fleshing this out. Journey was composed by Austin Wintory, who also scored flOw, another game by the same makers as Journey - the music is even calmer, but it's cool. He also does film scores.

Austin Wintory
Journey - Nascence
Journey - The Call
Journey - The Road of Trials (this has strong chance of being the one to go on the CD)
Journey - Nadir
Journey - Apotheosis
Journey - I Was Born For This
flOw - Home
flOw - Glass

There, done. Anyway, in other news, I saw Looper tonight. It was fantastic, but I need to let it sit and stew for a little bit before I review it. It was really powerful.

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