Friday, October 26, 2012

October Songaday: Day 26 (Pokeremixstudio - Chamipon Cynthia Battle)

EDIT: Oh my god, I just realized now (on the 28th) that I labeled this as the 27th day, not the 26th day. My bad. Apparently I can't keep my days straight even when I post daily.
Pokeremixstudio is a youtube remixer I actually listen to. A lot of Youtube VG Remix is total crap, but PRS has some pretty great pieces. This was both the first I heard, and my favorite, mostly because I already love Cynthia's theme in D/P/Pt. He's got a bunch of great stuff, and his style has definitely evolved and matured over the course of his uploads. By a LOT.

Tonight was GONNA be Synthquest Blue by Pedro Macedo Camacho (the Audiosurf guy) but there's no good youtube videos for it.

Went through his uploads from the oldest to the newest, so that's the order of these - stuff on the bottom of the link pile is the newest/highest quality. Everything is still good enough to warrant a spot here though, so don't just ignore the old stuff.
Also, if you see certain songs appear multiple times, he does some 2nd takes on the same base song.
Shoal Cave (RSE) Remix
Gym Leader (RBY) Remix
Game Corner (GSC) Remix
Legendary Pokemon (RSE) Remix
Lighthouse (GSC) Remix
Burned Lighthouse (GSC) Remix
Arceus Battle (DPPt) Remix
Mt Chimney/Sky Pillar (RSE) Remix
Route 111 (RSE) Remix
Primal Dialga (PMD2) Remix (this one is among his best ones)
Giratina Battle (DPPt) Remix
For timeline reference, this is when he did the embedded song
Sky Tower (PMD) Remix
Dragon's Den (GSC) Remix
Legendary Pokemon (RSE) Remix
Team Rocket Hideout (GSC) Remix
Temporal Tower (PMD2) Remix
Deoxys Battle (FrLg) Remix
Game Corner (GSC) Remix (this is also a huge favorite of mine)
Lavender Town (RBY) Remix
Abandoned Ship (RSE) Remix
Distortion World (Pt) Remix
Mt. Pyre (RSE) Remix
Surfing (GSC) Remix
Sootpolis City (RSE) Remix (another major favorite)

EDIT: Now linked. that's a lot of links! Didn't intend to do that many at first, but hey, it's good stuff.
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