Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Songaday: Day 24 (X-Com Enemy Unknown - Vigilo Confido)

I was entirely uninterested in this game until some Twitter testimonial I saw really praised it, so it's drawing a touch more of an interested eye form me, but not enough to buy it yet. D'you like it? Tell me, and tell me why!
Even then I was uninterested in the soundtrack. That is, until I saw the COMPOSER. The soundtrack is primarily by Michael McCann, the mind behind the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack. DE:HR's was FANTASTIC, so I gave this a shot. McCann is definitely fostering a style - it sounds a lot like DE:HR's soundtrack. Thankfully, that's a good thing at this point. Haven't heard his earlier work, but he's definitely going to have to evolve his style some for his next project - more of the same won't cut it three times in a row. I look forward to what he does though - with time, this guy could reach up there with Jesper Kyd as one of my favorite composers if he keeps evolving. Eyes are on him now.

X-COM and DEHR music! I really need to play DEHR, it looks really intriguing.
X-COM Enemy Unknown
Michael McCann
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
X-COM - Enemy Unknown (Menu Music) (this one REALLY feels like DE:HR)
X-COM - Breaking Ground
X-COM - Ready For Battle
X-COM - Resilience of Man
X-COM - Snap Shot
X-COM - End Game
X-COM - Our Last Hope
DEHR - Icarus/Main Theme
DEHR - Opening Credits
DEHR - Main Menu
DEHR - First and Last
DEHR - Barrett Boss Fight
DEHR - After the Crash
DEHR - The Hive
DEHR - Harvesters
DEHR - Hung Hua Brothel
DEHR - Hengsha Daylight (Part 1)
DEHR - Endings

Also check the Halo post that went up a few hours ago for Day 23! Insane linkage! Sorry again for it being so late (I'll note that I'm happy with my mind for thinking of 8pm on the day as "late", it's technically still on time. I've gotten very used to stroke of midnight posts now!)
EDIT: THERE! Linkage.
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