Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Songaday: Day 30 (Assassin's Creed Revelations - The Wounded Eagle)

Jesper Kyd's Assassin's Creed series has some of the best music in video games. It's consistently strong and flavorful, actively enhancing the gameplay experience. Despite Ubisoft's somewhat iffy implementation of the music in the later games, it makes for excellent album listening. In my opinion, the AC2 soundtrack is the strongest - ACR has more links simply because ACR has a larger soundtrack. AC2 is more concise, but more consistently wonderful.
I'm worried about the loss of Kyd on ACIII, but I'm willing to trust Balfe for now. The game comes out today, so that's why today gets this. Enjoy the ton of links - I have homework and then studying to do for an exam Wednesday, and my Oriental 3.5 game, so I hope I have time to actually play it today. I'm so excited for it.
I like The Wounded Eagle because it uses a lot of the brighter styles I remember from AC2 that were often lost on the ACB and ACR soundtracks. It's a touch short, but that's okay.

I've done the AC2 soundtrack several times before, on both September Songaday and on blog posts. As such, I chose to not use it and use a different thing for the embed, but check out the links.

AC1 - City of Jerusalem
AC1 - Flight Through Jerusalem
AC1 - Access the Animus
AC1 - Meditation of the Assassin

AC2 - Earth
AC2 - Venice Rooftops
AC2 - Ezio's Family
Venice Rooftops/Ezio's Family Mashup (it's super good)
AC2 - Florence Tarantella
AC2 - Venice Fight
AC2 - Flight Over Venice 1
AC2 - Dreams of Venice
AC2 - Venice Combat Low
AC2 - Venice Escape
AC2 - The Animus 2.0
AC2 - Flight Over Venice 2
AC2 - Venice Combat
AC2 - Wetlands Combat

ACB - Master Assassin
ACB - City of Rome
ACB - Flags of Rome
ACB - Borgia Tower
ACB - Echoes of the Roman Ruins
ACB - Battle in Spain
ACB - Desmond Miles
ACB - VR Room
ACB - Apple Chamber

ACR - Assassin's Creed Theme
ACR - Sailing to Constantinople
ACR - Welcome to Kostantiniyye
ACR - The Crossroads of the World
ACR - Ambush
ACR - Byzantium
ACR - Nova Roma
ACR - Templar Occupation
ACR - On the Attack
ACR - Arrocco
ACR - Fight or Flight
ACR - Galata Tower
ACR - Istanbul
ACR - Cappadocia
ACR - Constantinopolis
ACR - Crossed Swords
ACR - The Library
ACR - Desmond Segment Club Music (this one isn't actually on the soundtrack, but can be found in the Desmond Segments. It's way sad that it didn't make it to the soundtrack)

One more day.

End Recording,

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