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October Songaday: Day 18 (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Sound of the Wind)

First, guess what? That essay I posted up HERE? Yeah, 94/100. Feeling pretty awesome about that. Anyway, on to the day (though I'm realizing now that my choice for the night is ALSO a Renaissance-y song)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was a game ahead of its time, in that it really needed the technology that showed up only a couple years later. Without good online co-op support, it either became a very niche product for those with a lot of friends with GBA SPs, or it became a single-player experience. For me, it was that second one. I did, however, have a great experience. I loved the style, I loved the graphics, I loved the designs, and I REALLY loved the soundtrack. All the way through.
Great songs include: Echoes at the Mountain Peak (which is the first not-hometown city I think), Maggie is Everything (Moschet Manor), Both Amidatty and Eleono, Promised Grace (Veo Lu Sluice, one of my absolute favorites and one of tonight's six contenders for top spot), Goblin's Lair (Goblin Wall, Daemon's Court), Monster's Dance ~Rondo~ (Boss Battle, contender two), Annual Festival, Endless Sky/Thoroughly Blue (Game End, contender three), Overlooking the Great Ocean, Entrusting Your Body To "Freedom" (Leuda), Sleeping Treasure in the Sand (Lynari Desert), Oh, Light...!, When The Northern Sky Clears (Contender four), Sad Monster (Final Boss, contender five).
And obviously contender six won out, it's the opening song, Sound of the Wind. Now, if you play the game, it probably sounded a bit different, since there's an English version. It's crap compared to this one. That's not to say it's bad - I don't believe there's a single bad track on the soundtrack (which, by the way, was composed by Kumi Tanioka, who's done the music for a bunch of Final Fantasy spinoffs, all the CC ones, and FFXI with Nobuo Uematsu and Naoshi Mizuta). I just happen to like the Japanese one even more - and this sure as hell isn't just some Japanophilia, I really do think it's superior.

On the topic of the sequels, I wasn't impressed at all with Ring of Fates, either its soundtrack or its gameplay. I haven't played any of the others, but wasn't too into Echoes of Time's soundtrack, though I'm listening to a couple samples from Crystal Bearers and it seems decent.

Oh yeah, and the names of the songs I'm saying? Some of them vary a bit, depending on where you get the soundtrack.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Kumi Tanioka
The Other Best Five:
Promised Grace
Monster's Dance ~Rondo~
Thoroughly Blue
When The Northern Sky Clears
Sad Monster
The Rest:
Echoes at the Mountain Peak
Maggie is Everything
Both Amidatty and Eleono
Goblin's Lair
Annual Festival
Overlooking the Great Ocean
Entrusting Your Body To "Freedom"
Sleeping Treasure in the Sand
Oh, Light...!
Around the Fire (this is a song from Skyrim that reminded me of FFCC, which is good, so have a link)

Bluh. G'night.
End Recording,

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