Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Songaday: Day 28 (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes - Title Screen)

I kinda love the Metroid Prime series with a passion. Trilogy still holds a place as my 2nd Favorite Game Overall (behind Mass Effect 2 now). I used a Metroid Prime 1 song last time through, so I decided not to use another. I have a bunch of links I could use, but that'll come later. Sorry again.

Metroid Prime
MP1 - Title
MP1 - Menu Select
MP1 - Prologue
MP1 - Vs. Parasite Queen
MP1 - Planet Tallon IV
MP1 - Ancient Chozo Ruins
MP1 - Vs. Hive Totem
MP1 - Chozo Ruins
MP1 - Vs. Flaaghra
MP1 - Lava Caverns (Burning Trail)
MP1 - Lava Caverns
MP1 - Ice Valley (this is the main Phendrana Drifts music, and is incredible)
MP1 - Vs. Space Pirates
MP1 - Tallon Overworld
MP1 - Vs. Thardus
MP1 - Ice Valley (Phendrana Deep Lake Area)
MP1 - Downed Frigate Orpheon
MP1 - Artifact Shrine
MP1 - Vs. Meta Ridley
MP1 - Vs. Metroid Prime (Spider)
MP1 - Vs. Metroid Prime (Head)
MP1 - Credits
MP2 - Vs. GFed Trooper
MP2 - Luminoth (Temple Grounds)
MP2 - Vs. Ing
MP2 - Luminoth Energy Controller
MP2 - Vs. Space Pirates
MP2 - Vs. Dark Samus
MP2 - Vs. Amorbis
MP2 - Torvus Bog
MP2 - Submerged Temple (funny note - I don't like the Maridia theme, but I love remixes of it like Downed Frigate and this one, which is my absolute favorite)
MP2 - Vs. Chykka Larva
MP2 - Vs. Adult Chykka
MP2 - Sancutary
MP2 - Dynamo Core
MP2 - Vs. Quadraxis
MP2 - Vs. Emperor Ing 1
MP2 - Vs. Emperor Ing 2
MP2 - Escape Theme
MP2 - Credits
MP2 - Multiplayer - Hunters
MP2 - Multiplayer - Dark Echoes (I love this one)
MP3 - Title
MP3 - Space Pirate Battle Theme
MP3 - Meeting Rundas
MP3 - Meeting Dark Samus
MP3 - Rundas
MP3 - Skytown
MP3 - Bryyo (Cliffside)
MP3 - Gandrayda
MP3 - Omega Ridley
MP3 - Dark Samus
MP3 - Credits

EDIT: There you go. That is a TON of links. I seriously love this series, and Kenji Yamamoto has done an unbelievable job with the soundtracks. I could link to remix projects and stuff, but I'd never finish, so I'll leave it here. Enjoy!

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