Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Songaday: Day 4 (The World Ends With You - Calling)

The World Ends With You is amazing. If you don't know it, it's a DS game about a sort of alternate Shibuya with one of the most innovative and intricate battle systems I've ever seen in a DS game, and that's something, because the DS had some really innovative ideas. The battle system is very simple to go in to (and an Easy mode is quickly unlocked if you struggle), but very difficult to master (there's, if you reach the post-game, an Ultimate difficulty that ramps up difficulty, and difficulty compounds when you try to master doing both the top and bottom screens at the same time). Additionally, the difficulty is easily scalable, even if you want to play on Easy, because as you level up you can choose to voluntarily set your level lower in order to increase your drop rate. This winds up giving, total, about 800 ways to set the difficulty - 100 levels, four difficulty modes, and whether or not you manually do the top screen stuff.
Also, this is probably the only game that managed to get me to grind for the sole purpose of SHOPPING. Not so I could get better items, but for the act of shopping itself and item collection. I am still playing for the sole purpose of increasing my friendship level with these shopkeepers, which, at this point, provides me just about zero benefit practically, but I can't NOT do it.
I also love the story. I really should just do a whole post on this game. I also should buy Solo Remix, both to see the game on the larger screen of a tablet and to support the franchise so they just might give me The World Ends With You 2. After that tease countdown, they really need to give me something real.

The soundtrack is really really good. It ends up being a lot of Japanese pop and hip-hop (I'd never really thought about Japanese hip-hop), but for some reason it ends up being perfect both in context and out of context. Calling is a very important song context-wise, as is Twister. What I'm saying is this game and its soundtrack are fucking AWESOME and you should buy/obtain them.

The soundtrack is actually incredibly varied. I recommend trying several songs off of here - if you don't like the first, there's still a decent chance you may like another one.
The World Ends With You
Long Dream
Fighting For Freedom
Someday (The DS Lite halfway through the video, with It's A Wonderful World, the game's Japanese title? I want that DS SO HARD. If you have one, please please please let me know if you are willing to sell, because oh. my. god. I want it)
Calling (Kingdom Remix)
Twister (Crossover)
Deja Vu
Black Market
Three Minutes Clapping

If you've played the game and beaten it already and are desperate for news about TWEWY2, click this link. If you haven't beaten it, BIG SPOILERS IN THIS LINK: Possible Sequel Detected?
PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE #desperate #reallydesperate #OhGodLetItBeTrue


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