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October Songaday: Day 10 (No More Heroes 2 - Travesty)

So a funny thing happened today (Tuesday). I woke up (at noon, as I'm prone to on my classless Tuesdays), and was basically just chilling and playing some Ace Attorney. My phone, which died last night, was charging in another room. Abotu 2:30, I get a call on the house phone from Kenny, who says that they'll be here in a half hour! Now, someone (Luke >:| ) seems to have dropped the ball on scheduling, because this is the first I'm hearing of this. I'd talked with him a bit about his idea to run a D&D 3.5 campaign and he mentioned it'd probably do Tuesdays, but he neglected to tell me it was going to happen THIS Tuesday, and that he intended to do it at MY house. Since my place was in no way in a clean enough state for my parents to permit people coming over, we really quick try to figure out what the hell is gonna happen, and they (Kenny and Luke) pick me up at my place at 3 and we go to game at the local Panera Bread. And that's how I managed to get into an oriental-themed 3.5 campaign with Kenny, Luke, and Josh (if you don't recognize the name, that's good - I've never gamed with him before. I knew him some in high school though, he's cool).

Wait, you came here for music? My bad. Okay, le's git you rollin'! Sorry. Lots of Borderlands 22 lately.
Note: This might be The Upside on the final disc. I've just posted that song before.
No More Heroes is the most awesome Wii game I never played. I've lived vicariously through Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus's fantastic Let's Plays of both games, and upon hearing any of it at all I fell in love with the music. Now, NMH1 and NMH2 have very different music - NMH1 has a synth-y, more light-hearted vibe to it and sticks to a very consistent melodic motif in many of the songs (it's mostly variants of N.M.H.), which is great because the theme is really catchy and fun. NMH2 abandoned the consistent theme, using it only occasionally, instead opting for a heavier punk-themed soundtrack with lots of guitars. There's a lot of variety in NMH2, and it's great.
NMH1 was composed by Masafumi Takada, who also did the Killer7 soundtrack for Suda51 (the creator of both NMH games - Chip and Ironicus's LPs have turned me into a Suda51 fan). NMH2, on the other hand, is done by a ton of guest artists, with Jun Fukuda filling in a couple gaps and doing all of the chiptune-y minigame music. Because of this, in the links for all the NMH2 songs you'll see the particular artist in parentheses. I linked to each of those artists at the end as well.
Both of these have cemented themselves as my favorite soundtracks, alongside The World Ends With You and Mass Effect 2. Enjoy the enormous swath of links. Now go buy the soundtracks, then the games.

Suda 51
Grasshopper Manufacture
No More Heroes website
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggles songs:
- Sonic Smooth (The Riot -Teens of Anger-)
- Charging Katana (Jun Fukuda)
- Bates (Fiber Jelly)
- The Upside (Fiber Jelly) OH MY GOD, THIS TRACK, YES
- Burning Daylight (Fiber Jelly)
- Cheap Whiskey (Yusuke Komori)
- We Are Finally Cowboys [Golden Brown Mix] (Hondalady)
- No More Riot (Kazutoshi Iida) (This one would be great except for the vocals, which kinda mess it up. The guitar is great though, and one of the few instances of the original theme)
- Philistine (Nadia Gifford)
- Shoegazer Watched the Stars (Hondalady)
- Debt Free (Neutrino)
- Feet on the Air (Neutrino)
- Titanium Batt (Neutrino)
No More Heroes 1 songs:
- N.M.H.
- Gorgeous Blues
- Oxygen Graffiti
- Cashmere Cannonball
- Steel Python
- Heat in Your Heart
- Season of the Samurai (this one's really awesome, kinda a different feel from the other NMH1 ones - it feels like an NMH2 song to me)
- Ten Tons of Titanium
- Piranhas in the Air
- Hustlin' 'n' Tusslin'
- Heat in Your Hand
- Mach 13 Elephant Explosion (that is the best name for a song ever)
- Speed With Teeth
- Pleather For Breakfast (this was also used in Midsummer Songaday)
- Dynamite Rider
- We Are Finally Cowboys
Masafumi Takada
The Riot -Teens of Anger-
Jun Fukuda
Fiber Jelly (I'm gonna be checking these guys out, I like all of their stuff on the soundtrack)
Yusuke Komori
Hondaladay (Soundcloud)
Hondalady (her website - it's all in Japanese. There's a podcast there by the look of it...)
Kazutoshi Iida
Nadia Gifford

...42 links. Hot damn.
My apologies that this is going up several minutes later than the rest - my internet is fluctuating in and out.
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