Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Songaday: Day 21 (Fez - Adventure)

I put this down in July as being a soundtrack that I found inferior to Super Meat Boy's, Binding of Isaac's, Cave Story's, and VVVVVV's, among others. I somewhat stand by that assertion, but I also plan to take it back some - I've given the soundtrack a much further listen upon hearing Phil Fish's story in Indie Game: The Movie, and while technically his own struggles didn't affect Disasterpiece's soundtrack, it got me to give the soundtrack the complete viewing it needed from me. It has a different purpose from the others, and in this other purpose (thanks to the radically different purpose of the game, which falls a lot closer to S:S&S EP than any of those listed above) it excels. It's bright, it's cheerful, and it makes you take things easy.
That said, I still personally prefer Danny B's, Pixel's, Souleye's, and Jim Guthrie's stuff, but now I really understand better that it's due to personal taste, not any particular effectiveness of the soundtrack.

I haven't played Fez yet, but I want to. Despite some personal issues with Phil Fish's opinions (and that's not unique to him - I disagree with opinions from other folks too, even such names I respect as Tommy Refenes. I also highly disagree with the guy in charge of the ACIII development, if you've seen some of the things he's said), the higher exposure to what it actually does and his side of the story in IGTM helped a lot. When I get some spare cash that isn't tied up in Kickstarters and ACIII/Halo4, I'll be getting it.

The Album
I'll add in some more songs, and some others from those other indies listed above, later. Right now I want to get back into the AW AP I was writing before I lose motivation again.

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